Worst La Union Trip (May 2012)

I hate waiting. For me, being late is an expression of disrespect.

Excited for this weekend’s trip to La Union along with Migs’ colleagues. Can’t leave yet, because we still need to wait for the others before we can proceed with our road trip.

So Ok, we waited for approximately 2 hours at Ortigas extension. And when they finally came, they said that they wanted to have a quick bite before leaving.

Because we were trying to be as polite as possible, we said “sure, why not?” not knowing that they are planning to consume it inside our car.

My excitement suddenly vanished and just wanted to go home and rest.

But since I just met these people, I wanted to give them a chance to redeem themselves. So, we went on with the trip. We had a few stopovers before we reached Moncada, Tarlac. There was a road construction that caused heavy traffic. While in the middle of a traffic jam, an overloaded tricycle hit our car from the back!

I can’t explain how I felt that very moment. I wanted to lash out on this 19 year guy who’s driving the tricycle that he borrowed from a neighbor. One can easily say that he’s under the influence of alcohol. No driver’s license was presented and he doesn’t have money to pay for the damages. His mom can only offer P3,000.00 and promised to settle the remaining amount come Monday.

It was hell. Stuck in the middle of an accident in a place where I don’t even know a single person. We took the money and confirmed that we’re coming back the following Monday.

When we finally reached La Union, it was almost midnight. We settled for a dinner at Jollibee, San Fernando and begun looking for a place where we could sleep. To our surprise, all resorts in San Fernando were fully booked except for one – Long Beach Resort.

Ok, Long Beach resort is really old. We lived in La Union from 1988 until 1990 and we used to visit this resort.  Nothing changed, and I meant that negatively. Felt like I’m in a resident evil set. I couldn’t even take a shower alone. It took some time before I was able to sleep.

The following day, I was feeling better. I tried to forget everything that happened the day before. Trying to absorb all the positive vibes the world can offer. We sat on the dining area waiting for our breakfast to be served. It was nostalgic. I even spotted the very place where my sister and I almost drowned when we were still little. La Union still has a special spot in my heart. It is a place I will never forget. The staff was even playing songs from the 80’s.

After breakfast, we headed to San Juan. The sand is whiter on this side of La Union than in San Fernando. The boys went to the market to buy food for Lunch and dinner and spent only P1,800.00 enough to feed 7 adults. I think this is the only good thing that happened during our trip. A feast after an accident and worst resort accommodation ever .  It was like a consolation for everything that happened to us.

Monday came and we’re headed back to Manila. We dropped by Moncada Police station first for the remaining money that we need to claim. We were only given an additional P5,000.00 for all the damages that scrappy(our car) got from the accident. We were left with no other choice but to accept the money, go home and try to forget everything.

Then, I realized that I should’ve trusted my instinct.


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