Engagement Photo Shoot – Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Migs is a motorcycle enthusiast, and had been to Sierra Madre, Tanay,Rizal several times. Since we became a couple, Sierra Madre became one of the few places we visit to unwind or just to eat Bulalo at the famous Mang Vic’s.

Last October 20-21, we had our Engagement Photo shoot at Sierra Madre hotel and resort.
We booked 4dotJuan Productions for our photos  and Lace Lacap to do our Make-up.

We arrived at the venue at around 5:30 PM. Soon after we finished unloading our stuff, we immediately freshen up and started prepping for the shoot. Lace and hairstylist Emma, both indefatigable despite the long drive from Quezon City to Sierra Madre, made me feel comfortable and after couple of minutes, I was transformed!


Emma,Myself and Lace

The first shoot lasted for more than two hours.At 8:45 we decided to eat dinner and call it a night

I woke up the next day with the same excitement.
We had 3 different looks that morning and we were overwhelmed upon seeing the photos taken by 4dotJuan Productions.

The staff of Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort are very warm and made sure that our stay would be worth it… we felt content and comfortable as if we were just at home.

I’m blessed to have worked with these people. Our Engagement photo shoot was a success and will be cherished forever!


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