Higantes Festival 2012

It was a typical day at the office. I was chatting with some friends trying to figure out what to do for the weekend. I need a break from all these Wedding preparations and from my work. But where can I spend my weekend without spending much? Every penny is important for me, now that my Wedding is only few days away.

My friend informed me about the bloggers’ tour at Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal. What is this blogger tour? I was curious and excited about what Thunderbird Resorts has to offer. I have been seeing photos from my facebook friends taken at the resort. The place looks amazing considering that it was just less than 2 hour drive from Manila.

I confirmed my participation in this gloriously free blogger tour. I was the first to show up at our meeting place in Makati City. I couldn’t hide my excitement. It’s not every day that you get free accommodation from a luxury hotel. Armed with a blackberry phone and a point and shoot camera which I swear I will never use again, I went to the meeting place the following Sunday.

At 7:15AM, we left Makati and headed to Angono for the Higantes Festival but had a stopover at Killara Bar for our breakfast. As soon as we were all full, we started walking along the narrow streets of Angono. Following the route of Higantes Festival Parade. By the looks of Angono’s streets, you’ll see that the place is truly an Artist Haven.

Peopled beamed with joy when they saw the giant version of the Youtube Senstation’s Oppa Gangnam Style’s singer, Psy as he danced along the street.

The parade stopped at Angono’s plaza where we had the chance to take more photos.

What I like most in Angono are their people. We felt safe during our stay with no spotted pickpockets or snatchers around the area that even their own Mayor is walking freely at their plaza.

At noon, we headed to the Famous Balaw-Balaw for Lunch. In case some people are not yet aware, this specialty restaurant has been featured in Asian Food Channel because of the exotic food choices that they offer.

Joma, Thunderbird resorts’ Marketing Specialist ordered some fried crickets, soup number five (cow testicles) and fried frogs. We were also served with Seafood Paella which is surprisingly not as delicious as expected.

Fried Crickets

Soup #5

Fried Frogs

This was my first time to join the Higantes Festival, and the whole experience was really fun.


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