Exquisite Thunderbird Resorts

Our last stop before heading to Thunderbird was Angono Petroglyphs.

Angono is known to be an Art haven… Blanco family, Nemiranda and Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant are some of the proof. Unknown to many, the oldest work of art in the Philippines can be found in Angono. I have never been impressed with Angono until I visited the Petroglyphs . Before getting to the National Museum, you’ll pass through a rock shelter. A shallow cave that looks like a tunnel from a far but has a very beautiful architecture when seen up-close.

We toured the Petroglyphs and I was mesmerized when I saw the drawings of our Ancient People all over the wall. Our tour guide said that the drawings were linked with a system of belief by those who lived there for a long time. Very impressive. I sure can’t get enough of the Petroglyphs and I will definitely come back for some more sight-seeing and trekking.

A few minutes from the Museum is Thunderbird resorts! The beautiful pool overlooking East Ridge’s golf course was so inviting because of the scorching heat of the sun. I wanted to jump off the water!

The open area has a gazebo that has been used for several dream weddings. I can imagine myself exchanging vows with my fiancé. But it’s too late to change our minds…we have already booked a wedding venue.

The place is nice and so is the staff. Upon arriving, I felt the warm welcome of the smiles that greeted us. It’s like home away from home. We were given our key cards for our designated rooms. Two bloggers for each room. The room was big enough to even fit in at least 4 guests, but we were treated with royalty, I guess. Entering the room, it was clean and quiet. The bathroom is also spacious and very clean. The bed is just exactly what I wanted. We freshen up, took some rest and then went back to the reception area at 5:00PM for the property tour. Aside from the open area where weddings can be celebrated, they also have a function room for parties. Although the function room was bare, I can picture a masquerade ball happening at the very moment. It was adorable.

We also went to Fiesta Casino which grew bigger from the last time I saw it. Although I’ve been to different Casinos, I still have zero knowledge about gambling and I couldn’t wait for our Casino experience just to get a glimpse of what other people are drooling about.

Dinner! We chanced upon Chef Chubby of The Pool Bar and he was game for some chit chat. I ordered a barbeque platter which was beautifully plated. After dinner, some bloggers enjoyed a fifteen minute free massage while I, together with two other bloggers enjoyed the Jacuzzi. Because of the jam packed day that we had, we called it a night at 10:00PM.
I woke up the following day feeling bloated. I ate too much! I peeped to our room’s window and saw a spectacular panoramic view of Laguna de Bay, seemingly inviting me to go out and explore more. And so I did. Before we ate breakfast, I sipped some hot coffee and got out for a quick run, taking advantage of the fine weather.

This is when I appreciate Thunderbird the most. It was a perfect place to relax and just forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoyed my 30 minute run and headed back to our hotel room to freshen up for breakfast.

Most of my friends who’ve been to Thunderbird, said that I shouldn’t leave Thunderbird without eating at this Restaurant and I am thankful that I did. The breakfast was rich and tasty. By the way, the omelets were perfect.

We were given ample time to relax while waiting for the Casino experience. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sunny day.

As soon as the clock strikes 10:00, we met with Joma at the Spa for some briefing and zoomed to the Casino for the much awaited Casino experience. We were assisted by some of the friendly staffs of Fiesta Casino who gave us some tips in playing the slot machines. After which, we were given a free discussion about Baccarat and were also handed a P300.00 voucher that can be used for the actual game. It was totally fun! An exclusive table was set up for us so we could at least try a game or two.

At noon, we went back to Koi Restaurant for our last meal at Thunderbird. We were served with different dishes which tastes as good as they look.

My overnight stay at Thunderbird was nice and while packing my things, I was almost sorry to leave. Who wouldn’t when you feel spoiled for each meal that is served and for a lovely room where you can pretty much stay for hours without getting bored? I am lucky to have been given such privilege. Now, we have added Thunderbird Resorts in Port Poro in the list of places that we wanted to visit after our Big Day!

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