Zero Degree Manila

I came across Zero Degree Manila’s promo in one of the most popular group buying sites in our Country. It caught my attention since the ad boasted that this is the first Ice Bar in the Philippines. I bought five vouchers so I could visit the Ice Bar with my fiancé and three of my friends. When I called Zero Degree Manila’s contact number the following day, the person who attended my call was very polite. He told me that there is no reservation needed since it is a first come, first serve basis.
We went to Zero Degree Manila last April 8,2012. Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by their receptionist. We were asked if we’d like to “upgrade” our package to unlimited seafood and drinks. And since we were already there, we couldn’t say no. So, we paid the additional P200. We headed to Zero Degree Manila’s third level, where the buffet table was set up. Frankly, the food they serve weren’t exceptional. Just good enough to feed my growling tummy.
The ambiance as expected was serene.
After Dinner, we decided to visit the Ice Bar! We were given jackets which came in fancy colors but the sizes were limited and some of the zippers weren’t working. Before entering Ice Bar, we were told that there we need to purchase a drink (minimum of P150) before we could take two photos inside. The Ice bar wasn’t that fascinating. Probably because of its size.  It can’t even accommodate a group of 20 people inside. Plus everything has a price.
We stayed there for few minutes and because we wanted to enjoy our stay, we just opted to listen to some live music at the second level where alcohol beverages are served which by the way is not included in the payments and vouchers that we paid. Hmmm… stayed there for 30 minutes, I guess.
Photos by Migs Alejandrino

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