Today marks my 29th birthday. I thank God for a blissful life that He has given me for the past 28 years and I am excited to know what He has in-store for me.

I welcomed my birthday with my dear friend, Carlo at Sellah since it was the only decent restaurant near our office that operates until 2 o’clock in the morning.



Carlo reserved two seats for me and my husband for a dinner buffer at Dad’s. My appetite is perfect for Dad’s “Ultimate Buffet”…and what could be more appealing than a free buffet? Yes! You read it right! Free buffet from Dad’s!!!  It’s my birthday and I got a treat from them…




My husband was the only one who paid for his plate which he upgraded to cross-over (with access to Kamayan and Saisaki). We ordered 2 glasses of refillable Iced Tea. It was a sweet treat for only P1,070.00! Not bad, huh?

So to you all birthday celebrants out there…why don’t you grab a partner or your family members and dine at Dad’s? Don’t forget to bring an ID with your birth date printed!


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