R&J Bulalohan

R&J bulalohan is a famous 24 hour restaurant in Mandaluyong City.

Camera 360

They have a wide variety of food that you can choose from,mostly Filipino dishes.

It seems strange to say but although they are famous for their bulalo,it doesn’t overwhelm my tastebuds.If you’ve tried Mang Vic’s and  Tagaytay public market’s bulalo then you know where I am coming from.

The place is always over crowded probably because they serve beer and their food aren’t over priced. They have this small area where people can dine and sing their hearts out with the “shared” videoke.
Parking space can accomodate 4 cars.

What we love about them? Majic 20. Each number (1-20) corresponds to a hefty meal.
Price range:Php89 – Php120.

fried tilapia, tortang talong and salsa

fried tilapia, tortang talong and salsa

pancit & beef with broccoli

pancit & beef with broccoli

For ala carte, my personal favorites are lumpiang shanghai, chopsuey and beef salpicao.

lumpiang shanghai

lumpiang shanghai

As for the sanitation, I am giving them a 6/10.


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